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(note: there is a very loud game of pinochle occurring next to our recording room we apologize for the background noise) *INCEPTION NOISES* Greg and Nathanael will let you finish, but Christopher Nolan is one of the hottest directors of ALL TIME! We're looking at all his movies in chronological order and musing on his strengths and weaknesses. Nathanael forgets the word 'orientation' and sdrawkcab gnikaeps si gerG!

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Episode 15 · 2 months ago


Join the howling dirge of the nerd lords as we lament shows that were canceled before their time. Nathanael is a damn dirty ape, Ashley took the sky from me, and Jason finally gets the sitch.

Episode 14 · 3 months ago

Episode 12 - I HAVE FURY

We get real angry in this one. We're talking about shows that got so bad we up and quit. Greg is a smoke monster, Ashley hid money in the banana stand, and Nathanael lemonades.

Episode 13 · 4 months ago

Sub-Episode 11A - Meet Jason

Today we learn all about Moderator Jason! Plus, some bonus clips that were too incredible to include in the normal podcast!

Episode 12 · 4 months ago

Episode 11 - Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

This episode we're talking about the yang to a hero's yin: Bad guys! Greg is a pathway to powers some might consider...unnatural, Jason just wants to watch the world burn, and Nathanael dusts off the volcano fortress!