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Episode 19 · 1 week ago

You Didn't Stick The Landing

The last podcast we recorded in 2020 is here, right on (some arbitrary) schedule! Appropriately enough, we're talking about terrible endings! Greg is gone, girl, Ashley is really sweary, and Nathanael was probably dead the whole time!

Episode 18 · 2 weeks ago


Halloween came late last year (or early this year), thanks Rona! Ashley, Nathanael, and Special Guest Sarah "Hank" Henry discuss 5 horror films! Ashley came for you, Sarah will bounce back in no time, and Nathanael blames this whole thing on you!

Episode 17 · 1 month ago


We're talking about the most famous arachnid-themed superhero! Gregsaw is readyyyyyyyyy, Jason wants pictures of that webbed menace, Nathanael sues OSHA for electric-eel related incidents, and special guest Damion Knotts merely adopted the symbiote!

Episode 16 · 2 months ago

Enter the Nolanverse

(note: there is a very loud game of pinochle occurring next to our recording room we apologize for the background noise) *INCEPTION NOISES* Greg and Nathanael will let you finish, but Christopher Nolan is one of the hottest directors of ALL TIME! We're looking at all his movies in chronological order and musing on his strengths and weaknesses. Nathanael forgets the word 'orientation' and sdrawkcab gnikaeps si gerG!